An Easter Bunny Cake Because, Mondays.

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Lyndsay Sung is the genius behind the blog, and I've been wanting to try one of her tutorials for ages - and not just because we share a name ;) Easter weekend felt like the perfect opportunity to try out her Hershey Eggies Flower Crown Bunny Cake.  

For the cake, you can use any recipe you like. I used a simple vanilla cake recipe from the Butter Bakery cookbook, Butter Celebrates. Once you've baked and cooled your cake, give it a crumb coat. I find it's easiest to do this with a revolving cake stand and a bench scraper. I also put my buttercream into a pastry bag and pipe it on the cake before smoothing it out. You don't have to be too neat here, the bench scraper will sort it all out and I like that it still shows a bit of texture. 

Once your crumb coat is on, pop your case in the fridge to set the icing. Meanwhile, colour your remaining icing with any colours you want to use for the flower crown decorations. Since I was using the Hershey Eggies as decorations as well, I simply made a bowl of green icing for leaves, and purple for flowers as I thought that would go well with the yellow and turquoise of the Eggies. 

To bring this adorable cake to life, you create this bunny's sweet face using fondant to shape the ears, eyes, mouth and cheeks. This was my first time using fondant and I was a bit intimidated before I began, but Lyndsay's instructions made this easy and fun! 

I was so pleased with how this cake came out, and I definitely want to try more of her tutorials -- she did an amazing Black Panther cake that I'm dying to make!

Now that I've conquered my fear of working with fondant, I'm on to my next challenge - buttercream flowers! I've always simply used a star tip to pipe simple designs onto cakes, but I saw a course on Craftsy that teaches you how to pipe buttercream flowers for decoration and I jumped it. 

I'll be posting updates in my Instagram stories as I progress through that class so stay tuned over there for my #NailedIt or #FailedIt updates.