My New Year's Un-Resolutions

Happy 2018, everyone!

 A few of the books on my reading list for this month. My goal this year is 25!

A few of the books on my reading list for this month. My goal this year is 25!

I know we're already two weeks into the new year, but I got the dreaded holiday cold that's been going around, and then went right back to work so I haven't really had the time I thought I would to sit down and think about my goals for the year ahead. 

I'm not a huge fan of making grand resolutions. Its too much and I wind up feeling discouraged to continue if I have a small misstep. So, this year I'm approaching my resolutions differently. In 2017 I started making some positive changes, and they became habits that I continued throughout the year. 

Toward the end of the year, as the holidays came around, I started to lose steam a little (no regrets, I'm happy to press pause and indulge over the holidays!), so this month I'm focussing on getting back on track with the habits I'd already formed.


Although I live in a studio apartment, I have A LOT of storage and in the three years that I've lived here, I've somehow managed to fill every cabinet, closet, and corner with stuff. I went on a declutter mission and actually managed to pack away a lot of items and clothing but that's where it stopped. It just sat there, in my front entryway for months, waiting to be donated. 

I've managed to bring a few boxes to my local donation centre and my goal for the end of the month is to have the rest done. 

I've also been working toward having a capsule wardrobe. It's still a work in progress, and I'd love to write a post on it once I have a better handle on it. 


Keeping up with a regular exercise routine was something I started in 2017, and want to continue this year.  I walk to and from work most days and had a good schedule with running a few times a week. Then came the shin splints, and OH MY GOD. They took me down. I've been in physio for the last few weeks and it's definitely getting better but I had to stop running and I'm still not 100% back at it. 

I'm lucky to have a fully equipped gym both in my apartment building and at work so I reached out to a personal trainer to help me put together a strength training practice that I could add into my routine. I've always felt intimidated by strength training and using the weights in my gym so I thought since I can't do my usual cardio, this would be a good time to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. 

I've been to two personal training sessions so far, and so far I'm loving it! I like that my fitness goals are about getting stronger and healthier, and not necessarily based on the number on the scale. For me, it feels more motivating and attainable. 

Getting Enough Sleep 

I don't know when this happened, but I've become a night owl. This is a problem because I typically wake up for work at around 6:30 am so, lately, I've only been getting about 6  hours of sleep a night. This has been going on for the last few months, so it's hard to change my habits overnight and go to bed hours earlier than I'm used to. 

In order to get myself back on a decent sleep schedule, I'm trying to go to bed just 15 minutes earlier each night so it doesn't feel like such a shock to my system.

I've also been using the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray when I go to bed and it's definitely helping me fall asleep! 

Digital Detoxing

I work in a job that keeps me on my laptop most of the day. When I'm not working, I'm typically on my phone browsing Instagram, or watching YouTube videos. Last year, I had a goal to read 50 books and I only managed to get to 20. I'm still happy that I dedicated more time to reading, but I think I could have got a lot closer to my goal if I wasn't attached to my devices as much. 

I also want to think about the time I do spend online, and the type of content I consume. I recently signed up for a Skillshare membership and didn't end up using it much in the first month, so I've bookmarked a few classes I really want to take. I've already started some, including a brush lettering class which I'm really enjoying! I spend a lot of time learning and training on new solutions at work, and I want to dedicate more time to learning new skills in my personal life too. 


And that's it! I hope you're all having a great start to the new year, and I'd love to hear what your goals are for 2018!

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